My name is Amanda and I’m the blogger behind The Fit Girl blog. I originally started my blog in December 2010. My previous blog was called Skinny Girl. I was inspired to start my blog due to my passion for health and fitness. I was also inspired to live a healthy lifestyle after watching several of my family members endure health problems due to diet and exercise. I do not want to be another statistic. I want to live a long and healthy life. In my blog I will be writing about my everyday challenges and experiences in living a healthy lifestyle. Believe me I’m human and I will have many challenges just like everyone else. I like to write about it because I think I can inspire others to join me in living a healthy life. I also think that blogging helps keep me accountable. I will write about foods I’m eating, recipes I find, books I have read and reviewed, my fitness routines, my goals, articles on the food industry, etc. I may also throw in personal posts about whats going on in my life, fashion posts and beauty posts. Happy reading!




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