So lately I’ve kind of been in a rut. A workout rut to be exact. I haven’t had the energy or the motivation to workout. It’s odd for me because I usually always have the energy and motivation to be healthy and workout. There has been a lot of financial stress in my household lately. I’m hopeful that it is going to get better and we are going to pull ourselves out of this. I also need to pull myself out of my workout rut. I know that I am never going to get where I want to be if I don’t workout and get healthy. No one ever got six pack abs and a toned body by sitting around and eating junk food….unless they are a freak of nature. Today I got up and I did a 20 minute workout of yoga. I did a short 7 minute sun salutation last week to get me back into yoga. I realized last week how good it felt and how I can tone up my body with yoga. I did the 20 minute workout this morning and then I also did another 10-15 minutes of strength training with my kettle bell. While I was working out I felt exhilarated. I also felt the burn and that I was toning my body. Afterwords I felt relaxed and I felt good! I know that I need to keep practicing yoga because it makes me feel good and its good for me. Now I just need to focus on keeping my motivation. I recently found an idea on pintrest that might help me. It was called a motivation wall. Basically it was a whiteboard that someone put together that had quotes, pictures and goals on to help keep them motivated. I think this is a great idea and I’m going to try it to see if it will help me! This biggest thing I have to remember is that I didn’t gain 30 pounds over night. It is going to take time to get back to where I was but I need to be patient and believe in myself. Β 


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