Real life…

Hello all! Well I’ve been home from Spain for over a week now. It seems like I have been home longer. I went home to Iowa and visited last weekend. I really enjoyed spending time with my family especially my grandparents who celebrated their 60th anniversary. That is a huge accomplishment! I really aspire to find that kind of love in the near future. Anyways, I was going to start my carb cycling diet this week as I mentioned in previous posts. However, real life has once again caught up to me. See this summer I’m without a job except for some tutoring a couple times a week. My mom is having to pay my bills unfortunately which has put a bit of a strain on our finances, especially after the $6000 plus trip we just took. So that being said we’ve had to kind of be creative when it came to cook this week. We finally went to the store last night and bought a ton of healthy food for just under $100. It’s funny how eating healthy can be expensive but yet cheaper than junk food sometimes. The one thing I noticed last night at the store is how expensive beef has gotten. I think this may be ย a sign that I need to leave beef alone. We bought chicken and tilapia in addition to beef. I’m super excited to grill both of them. I love most anything grilled! In addition to struggling with buying food I also made the decision to cancel my gym membership ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I did this because right now I just cannot afford it. My membership is only $30/month but that is a lot when you are broke. I’m looking at this as a way to challenge myself to be creative with my workouts. We have several trails near my house so I’m going to start walking and running again. I was a runner in high school and I was in fabulous shape when I did it so I’m going to take it up again. I also have several free weights and a kettle bell so I can do some weight training at home. In addition to all of this my mom gets free workout videos through our Xfinity on demand. I can be very creative with my workouts! In the future maybe I’ll join a gym again but who knows maybe I won’t want to. Also I’m going to try carb cycling in the next couple of months once things are back to normal. For now I’m going to do healthy clean eating on my own. Specifically I will focus on lean protein, lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, and some grains. I think this has been a bit of a learning experience. It shows me that real life happens all the time and that we have to make the best of it. Also, that we can still make healthy choices when times get tough. Tomorrow I’m going to start running again…wish me luck! I know I’m going to be sore but it will be worth it in the end. I’ll keep posting on my progress. Until next time!



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