Goals, Meal Plans, Workouts…


In life setting goals is extremely important. Goals help give us a clear path as to the direction we want to head in. Goals are extremely important in terms of weight loss and transformation. Recently I read Choose More Lose More by Chris Powell. I’m starting his plan next week. As a part of his book he has you set several goals for yourself. This got me thinking about myself and what I really want to accomplish. I have several goals for myself. My goals are the following:

1) I want to weight 105 pounds.

2) I want to build lean muscle

3) I want to eat 2-3 servings of veggies a day

4) I’m going to workout 5-6 days a week

5) I’m going to tell myself “I’m worth it” every day in the mirror 

I think these are all obtainable goals if I work hard and keep my eye on the prize. I came up with next weeks meal plan. I will be writing this on a white board everyday so my mom and I know what we will be eating for each meal. I will plan each weeks meals a week in advance so I am prepared. In addition to writing out meal plans each day I will also include that days workout on the board. I will keep blogging and charting my progress along the way. Here’s to a new healthier, skinnier, and fit me!



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