Fresh start….fresh new blog

123637952239794672_HpUT0b5w_fSo this year has been a fresh start for me. I moved to Colorado from Iowa to pursue my dream of obtaining a Master’s degree in Education. I put my house up for rent and off I went. I just finished my first semester of grad school. I had a great first semester and a great first 6 months living in Colorado. It is now summer vacation so I have a lot of time on my hands. I decided that I needed a fresh start in the blog world as well. I use to have a blog entitled Skinny Girl on blogger. It was mostly for myself to keep me motivated on one of my biggest passions which is health and fitness. The problem is I have been extremely busy with school and have not had the time to keep up with it. Now being it is summer I want to start over and make time for it. I started this new blog on wordpress and have decided to call it The Fit Girl. I like the name because it sounds like the It Girl πŸ™‚ For me this blog will be about my daily challenges and experiences in trying to live a healthier lifestyle. In the last few years I have become very passionate about living a very healthy lifestyle. I read news articles frequently about the food industry and all the things that are being added to our food. It is very scary what it is being done to us. My goal will be to research and talk about these things in my blog. I also am very passionate about fitness so I will be talking about my fitness goals, workout routines, etc. I have many other passions such as fashion, beauty, animals, my family and friends, etc. I will probably throw in posts about my life, fashion, beauty, etc. just for the fun of it. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with my new blog.


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